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Warehouse Sevice

Warehouse service (WS) description

In 2021 we brought the main part of the Eko Market Logistics Center into operation, thus:

  • We support our main service related to exporting Bulgarian goods in Europe
  • We have the opportunity to offer warehouse service (WS) as a third party (3PL – third party logistics)


At the moment, on a territory of 12,000 m2, we have built 4,500 m2 of warehouse space and the construction of another 1,500 m2 is pending.


The idea is to give our customers the opportunity to focus on their main activity (production, developing a commercial network, building and maintaining sales teams), and we undertake the warehousing of their activity.

We have a good team of motivated specialists who guarantee the quality of the service.


The main stages of WS include:

• Storage of palletized and non-palletized goods

• Long-term and short-term storage

• Loading, unloading and reloading of the goods coming for storage in the warehouse from trucks, vans and containers

• Rearranging and foiling

• Labeling

• Organization of transport from the Eco Market Logistics Center to your customers

• Inventory and reporting

  • Other services